R & D


STAAN has advanced Research and Development wing which is fully resourced with high standard equipment and infrastructure. STAAN’s research laboratory is well equipped with design lab, styling lab, software and hardware development lab, testing and analysis lab and much more.

All our scientists and engineers are highly qualified and experienced. Our research engineers vigorously working hard to provide outstanding cost effective and increased life cycle solutions in the field of healthcare industry and compete with the healthcare needs of the present and the future.


Our scientists and engineers are expertise in the areas of:

  • New product design and development
  • Existing product design and development
  • Adding innovative features to the existing technology
  • Increase the uptime of the products and much more.

Under the guidance of our Managing Director, the R & D team has extended its research ideas in the areas of:

  • Operating Tables,
  • Surgical Lights,
  • Stirr Ups,
  • Gasless Laparoscopic Positioner,
  • Anaesthesia Workstation
  • Tourniquet and much more.

STAAN has given many innovative solutions in the field of medical devices, which improved the comfort level of both the patients and the healthcare professionals. STAAN always welcome creative ideas from the young minds and join hands with top universities and hospitals across India, to meet the growing clinical needs and to provide better healthcare.