Management Profile

Management Profile

STAAN has very strong and globally experienced management personals which always makes STAAN to be the preferred choice of company by the healthcare professionals.

Managing Director – Mr M.Maria Albert Stanly

He is an energetic, self-motivated and resourceful leader with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximise company profitability and efficiency. He always establishes sustainable & profitable relationships with the customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the world. MD is expertise in the areas of Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Business Development, Revenue Growth, Organizational Change and Research & Development.

With years of professional experience, he has extended his research ideas in the areas of Operating Tables, Surgical Lights, Stirr Ups, Gasless Laparoscopic Positioner, Anaesthesia Workstation and much more. He has got vast experience in analysing the difficulties faced by the users and has the ability to give customised solutions to our customers.

Director – Mr.A.Sagayaraj

With over 25yrs of experience in the field of manufacturing; our Director is a person who never compromises in the quality of our products and services. He plans, directs and controls all functions of the production site, in such a way that the product comes out with superior quality and delivered within the agreed time line. He always makes sure that we use only high standard raw materials which intend gives good quality products which help us to accomplish 100% customer satisfaction.

Director – Mr. M.Antony Armstrong

He is a young, enthusiastic and an ambitious professional who always ensure that the company’s business continues to grow by way of developing new clients whilst maintaining its existing customer base. With his new and creative strategies he led the organisation towards the path of success. With his latest ideas, he reduced the gap for the customers in reaching our technical and customer support team. He always wanted the firm to develop a positive image in the market and offer the best products/services to our customers.